About us

About us

UNIQUE is what everyone aims at in today’s world. Not only does everyone try to be innovative but ensure being distinctive in the process. We understand what it means to be one-of-a-kind. Thus, we bring to you our Parametric Universe. This is where we bring imagination to reality in the most distinctive, innovative, creative and exclusive manner.

Parametric is an organization that offers the best interior designs and scale model making services all across the UAE. We don’t stop here! We even have commercial kitchen set up services and IT solutions for you. Our experienced and sophisticated team of experts, work with all their might to completely fulfill customer satisfaction, not compromising quality in the process.

We take pride in knowing that the solutions that we offer are carried out by professionals who excel in their field. From interior designing to scale modeling and from kitchen set ups to IT solutions, we introduce to you the best and finest services that are ‘Anything But Ordinary’. To ensure such a mission is carried out successfully, we have tie-ups with high profile business companies.

Our clients justify our success as they know what we have to offer and how we do the same. These clients vouch for our services and solutions to customers that get in touch with us to experience their imagination taking a leap forward and becoming the most magnificent reality.

Call us on 052-314 2272 or fill out the inquiry form here

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Call us on 052 314 2272 or fill out the inquiry form here

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Parametric Interior Decoration L.L.C.
Warehouse number 38-A, Opposite of Spinney’s Warehouse behind Times Square Center,
Dubai – UAE.

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